Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

Tata Interactive Systems offers innovative learning solutions that help companies in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) domain cope with challenges emerging from operational, technology, customer relationship, and business risks.

A globalized economy presents companies in the (BFSI) industries with the opportunity to develop new products, explore new markets, and employ a diverse workforce. This increasingly complex environment also exposes them to new risks.

Optimization of business processes and the constant vigil of corporate governance is the norm.

Some of Our Customers
  • CIBC
  • Cigna
  • Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
  • RSA
  • Swiss Re
Tata Interactive Systems is helping companies in the BFSI domain with three key challenges.

These challenges impact ratings, profits, and growth. Our response involves consulting approaches customized to the challenges faced by each company followed by the development of e-learning solutions and frameworks that address those challenges.

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Business transformation is a prominent theme for BFSI companies. Process re-engineering impacts systems, practices, and people. Effective training ensures that people update their knowledge and skills in step with the changes to systems and practices.


Our consulting approach involves:

  • A 360-degree snapshot of the concerns of all stakeholders
  • A faster and more accurate response to business requests and challenges
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of training
  • Evaluation frameworks for the effectiveness of training

Solutions Framework

  • Enterprise-wide learning solutions
    • Process training (Six Sigma simulation and document transition courseware)
    • Enterprise application training
  • Simulations on competencies, skills, culture, or roles
  • Role-plays/Games for job-related skill building

A 'Single Customer Relationship View' is the key to success for BFSI companies as this enables them to 'cross-sell' and 'up-sell' their offerings, thereby increasing fee-based income.


Our consulting approach involves:

  • The creation of teller, sales and customer service competency and effectiveness frameworks
  • Performance improvement analysis

Solutions Frameworks

  • Knowledge Portal
    • Innovative cross channel knowledge collaboration (Web 2.0 enabled)
    • Active discussions
    • Educational podcasts
    • Customer handling success stories
    • Product knowledge
  • Performance Improvement Interventions:
    • Capstone (system application, sales and customer service simulations)
    • Business simulations
    • Serious games
    • Mobile -based interventions

BFSI companies need to keep pace with the evolution of standards relating to governance, risk, and compliance. Standards such as Basel II and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and requirements and standards relating to central bank reporting, Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering, fraud and phishing, and information security are constantly evolving.


Our consulting approach has enabled:

  • Appraisal of gaps in communication and training related to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) standards
  • Identification of gaps in standard operating procedures, especially in the case of multinational corporations and mergers & acquisitions

Solutions Frameworks

  • Enterprise-wide Learning Solutions
    • Process Training
    • Product Training
  • Simulations