Business Simulations

Learning With the Highest Fidelity to the Real World

Tata Interactive Systems has implemented over 350 simulations for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to reputed varsities, in geographies including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Simulations Defined

Simulations offer learners the ability to learn in a realistic environment where they can apply knowledge and skills without the fear of real-world implications.

Our four distinct simulation product offerings-Hi-fidelity Simulators, TOPSIM, PlaySim, and SimBLs-are classified along two dimensions: training content and design complexity.


Training Content

Operational content deals with areas which have short-term, tactical outcomes that in turn affect a company's long term goals and strategy on the ground. It relates to day-to-day life of a manager or supervisor for an operations shift.

Strategic content deals with decisions that have an impact on outcomes like a company's balance sheet, shareholder value, market share and sustainability. It is more in line with a manager responsible for a cost or revenue centre.

Design Complexity

Design complexity implies complexity along the lines of content, technical design and development, deployment, graphical user interface design and development, math modelling, and project and customer engagement depending on the business problem to be addressed.

SimBLs™ or Simulation-based Learning Objects

SimBLs are "byte-sized" learning objects that provide insights into very specific concepts or topics, within a learning time of 30-45 minutes. The focus is on application of a specific set of concepts. Abstract concepts are broken down into variables that replicate the systemic nature of real-world decision-making without potential risks involved. Learners typically play a central decision-making role within the detailed context of a storyline, characters, and scenarios.


These SCORM-compliant learning objects can be integrated into our client's LMS' and/or run from the Web independently.

A set of 30 SimBLs™ is available off-the-shelf on our portal In addition to this portfolio, Tata Interactive Systems also develops custom SimBLs for a variety of clients from educational institutions to Fortune 500 companies.


TOPSIM is TIS' workshop-based training simulations product that models complex socio-economic/behavioral systems ranging in size from a startup company to a large corporation or even the macroeconomics of a country. TOPSIM is a multiplayer simulation pitting learners - who play decision-makers of interlinked units in the system - against each other as competitors.


A TOPSIM training simulations takes learners through the paces of business planning, strategizing, and decision-making thereby enabling their transformation into better leaders and managers.

A TOPSIM training simulation can be taken online as well as offline in a facilitated classroom workshop environment. Learners are exposed to a range of assignments, group activities and exercises, strategy development, and breakout sessions. What's more, the simulation software is customizable. It allows facilitators/trainers to edit baseline and functional variables such as interest rates, input costs, inflation, demand and supply variables, and various other inputs that drive the simulation's complex math model.

TOPSIM has a track record of over 1000 successful implementations.

TIS' TOPSIM portfolio of nearly 38 off-the-shelf simulations is available, on a licensing basis, at TIS also develops custom TOPSIMs to address specific business needs.

Hi-fidelity or Hi-fi Simulations

Hi-fidelity simulations are models of business systems built on the lines of mid-level enterprise-level applications. A hi-fi simulation is a 'workflow simulator' or 'throughput simulator' because entire material flows and information flows of a business system can be modeled. In essence, it is a data- and variable-intensive open-ended business simulation training with an extended shelf life.


Hi-fi simulators are multiplayer formats involving 7-30 players in real time. These simulations take experiential learning to a new level by enabling organization initiatives in areas such as operational excellence, automation planning, and productivity planning. Hi-fi simulators also facilitate analysis through reporting layers capable of establishing contact with enterprise databases or statistical applications.

The planning side of these simulators provides added features like optimization that works under goal-seeking behaviors, subject to various time and resource constraints. Thus, planners are able to derive optimal or 'best-case' outputs from the simulator, such as throughput, yield, utilization, and other metrics.

"Day in the Life" or PlaySim

PlaySims are management simulations injected with an element of fun. These model a day in the life of a management professional and present decision-making in a rich, game-like user interface. It is best used to teach managers how to cope with stress and multi-task under pressure.


The element of game-play acts as an intrinsic motivator for learners and competitive aspects engage them better. Using PlaySim, managers can experience the pressures of time-bound decision-making and learn from the mistakes they make in the simulated environment.

PlaySims are self-paced and delivered off the web.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Learning interventions based on our training simulations are highly engaging and immersive, and reflect decision-making in the real world with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Our training simulations improve the business acumen of your employees by helping them think at strategic and systemic levels. When they break free of silo-based thinking, they can foresee the impact of operational actions on the "big picture" at lead and lag levels.
  • Apart from management and business-related topics, our simulations can be used to enhance "people skills", such as selling and negotiation.
  • Our simulations can help you sell your training better. If you are an organization, our simulations can improve the appeal of training. If you are a varsity, our simulations add a highly interactive and immersive element to learning.
  • Our simulations go beyond being merely learning tools, they help you achieve business objectives. The mathematical models that drive our simulations demonstrate to learners the connection between business and training objectives.
  • Our engagement with you will be intensive while designing simulations. Our experienced team of content developers and math modelers comes from engineering and business backgrounds. The result is simulations that accurately reflect the operational realities of your business.
  • We have a deep treasure chest of proven tools, components, and authoring environments that enable higher throughput and velocity. We do our simulations fast and we do them well.


The backbone of TIS' simulations Center of Excellence is a team of 35 core specialists comprising math modelers, project managers, instructional designers, visual/graphic designers, usability experts, and software architects and engineers. Our main development centers are in Tubingen, Germany and Mumbai, India.