Healthcare & Life Sciences

The global Healthcare & Life Sciences industry is confronted by the need to transform culture, processes, and leadership models to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. Tata Interactive Systems' eLearning for Healthcare products and solutions offer improved performance, cost containment, and higher returns in achieving your business goals with clinical precision.

From cutting-edge simulations, medical animation, serious games to solutions on mobile devices, we have a range of solutions that effectively meet these needs.


Tata Interactive Systems' e-learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences practice has developed two offerings, Sales Force Effectiveness Kit (SFE Kit) and Multimedia Enhanced Market Education, targeted at the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry.

TIS is a leading Healthcare e-learning service provider in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and India.

Some of Our Customers

  • BUPA
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Hoffman-La Roche
  • Johnson & Johnson Medical India
  • Merck & Co.
  • National Health Service, Scotland
  • New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Novo Nordisk
  • St. John of New Zealand

Sales Force Effectiveness Kit

The Sales Force Effectiveness Kit (SFE Kit) is a model for leveraging technology in sales force effectiveness training.

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Sales training simulation prodpack virtual sergery game SalesAcessPoint

What It Can Do?

  • Identify the correct sequence of a surgical procedure
  • Select the right equipment
  • Perform surgical procedures in a risk free environment
  • Collaborate with others in a virtual operating room (OR)
  • Experience it in 3D
  • Be rewarded for getting it right

What Is It?

We bring the realism, intrinsic motivation, and engagement that serious games offer to surgical procedure training and information about your products. Use it to train your sales force or distribute it to surgeons to help them update their knowledge and get used to your new devices.

What It Can Do?

  • Auto-update new product knowledge
  • Ask a question and get it answered
  • Write a blog post
  • Download a demo or an app
  • Allow your virtual mentor to help you through a sales process

What Is It?

Sales AccessPoint™ is what you get when you combine the best parts of a CRM application, Facebook™, Twitter™, and sales and marketing collateral with artificial intelligence that works with you like a virtual mentor. Social-network your sales force. Keep them always connected, via laptops or mobile devices. Make all performance support information/tools available within a few clicks.

What It Can Do?

  • Real-time access to everything from learning bytes on Therapeutic Areas, "15-second elevator pitches" to in-depth information on any product in your kit.
  • Identify the best product for your customer requirement and learn its key features in a matter of seconds.
  • Use ProdPack™ as a learning tool as well as a sophisticated presentation tool.

What It Is

ProdPack™ is a unique, three-tiered solution that consists of Learning Nuggets ("bite-sized" knowledge objects on Disease States), i-Manuals (in-depth product information), and 2D/3D simulations of the products, and Sales Process Training demonstrating "how-to-sell" a particular product to various customer segments.

What It Can Do?

  • Study your customers
  • Understand their needs
  • Plan your approach
  • Manage relationships and close the deal
  • Handle objections and gain customer loyalty
  • Or, correct your mistakes and save the situation in the nick of time

What Is It?

The possibilities of our complex, multi-layered, and multi-branched sales simulations are endless. Enable your Sales Leadership and Sales Representatives to apply their learning in a risk free environment and learn from their experiences.

Multimedia Enhanced Market Education

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  • 3D/2D animated movies on disease states, and health and wellness
  • Web-based/computer-based Interactive nano-learning modules
  • Video-based interactive knowledge modules for patients and care givers
  • Sales simulation that allows the field sales force to try out different sales tactics in a risk-free zone
  • Interactive 5-minute product nuggets that help sales people to refresh their knowledge quickly
  • Short awareness modules on relevant therapeutic areas and clinical research
  • 3D animated product demos to give Physicians/Surgeons an opportunity to see your products at work
  • 3D animation-based 'virtual surgery' using your products
  • Podcasts /webinars on the latest clinical updates
  • Video-based interactive case-study modules that can be broadcast every month