University and school education is undergoing a seismic shift brought on by technology. Educators need to quickly and effectively transform content and delivery to meet the changing needs of today's students. With an ideal blend of instructional design capability and technological expertise, TIS is your ideal educational partner.

TIS has developed HTML5-based, accessible online training products and frameworks that enable educational institutions and publishers to effectively serve the evolving needs of student communities worldwide.

Online learning offers the potential to fully realize the paradigm of active learning, a constructivist approach where the learner is in control of the learning. Online learning has the following advantages over traditional methods:

  • Technological: Students use technologies and methods that they use in other areas of their lives
  • Instructional: Online networks offer new ways of engaging with the learning material and with peers
  • Social: Online networking removes artificial barriers to communication and collaboration
  • Practical: Using e-learning, educators can manage quality e-learning education at scale and move beyond place-based learning delivery formats
  • Multimodal: Online learning allows for multiple modalities to suit different learning styles such as visual, read/write, and auditory
Some of Our Customers
  • Abu Dhabi Men's College
  • Bertelsmann AG
  • Brown Mackie College
  • Excelsior College
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Phoenix Online

Tata Interactive Systems' e-learning Education practice focuses on Higher Education, K-12, and Publishers. SPARKMath™ Numeracy Suite and Virtual Labs are two proprietary K-12 products.

We adopt a consultative approach where we work with you to a customized blend of solutions and products. We can provide bundled solutions that incorporate curriculum design services web portals, simulations, games, mobile-learning, and highly engaging and multi-media enriched e-learning course modules.

We cater to different levels, across scale and complexity. Our process maturity enables us to scale up in a short time. We have extensive experience of collaborating with subject matter experts (SMEs) in all disciplines. We have built networks of SME agencies that we can leverage.

Higher Education

  • We have developed content for higher education/Universities and publishing clients in a wide range of subjects including law, humanities, criminal forensics, technology, medicine, and healthcare
  • Instructional design is our strength; we are experts in recommending pedagogy and curriculum design


  • We draw our competencies in the K-12 domain from our extensive experience on complex and long-term engagements for a variety of clients. We have tackled a diversity of subject matter and grade levels. On most such projects, the bulk of the curriculum design and content development was done onsite and involved managing a wide network of SMEs.
  • We are familiar with state standards and handled translation-intensive engagements
  • We have developed content for the Preschool and Kindergarten segments, which involves illustration and animation skills and expertise in child psychology
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SPARKMath™ Numeracy Suite
Virtual Labs

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