Serious Games

Most Children Would Rather Play than Learn. What about You?

Learning through games is fun, cost-effective, and low-risk. Tata Interactive Systems' Serious Games practice creates captivating and educative games for adult learners in corporate settings that elevate the level of learner engagement and learning retention.

The Play-Practice-Perfect or P3 model developed by Tata Interactive Systems is the foundation for a game-based learning approach that delivers:

  • Higher engagement through play
  • Higher skills and higher retention through practice
  • Higher efficiency through perfection

The game-based learning approach makes learning fun, improves skills and knowledge, and elicits desired behaviour. In short, serious games directly address business outcomes.

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Skill-based Serious Games

Skill-based serious games build skills and abilities resulting in improved efficiency and productivity at job tasks.

Skill-based serious games:
  • Have one or more clearly defined instructional outcomes
  • Provide context (real or imaginary) for the content
  • Offer multiple paths to success
  • Provide opportunities for multiple iterations (re-playable)
  • Define multiple degrees of success as against just win/lose
  • Encourage learners to constantly improve skills

Example: We created a serious game on the technical scrutiny of checks for a leading Indian bank. Check verification involves spotting 21 possible errors in 10 areas of a check. The game resulted in productivity improvement of 25%.

skills knowledge behavior
Orientation Adventure Games

Knowledge-based Serious Games, also termed as Orientation adventure games are aimed at providing an engaging, immersive, and contextual environment to convey factual information about an organization.

Knowledge-based serious games:
  • Are designed as adventures or quests
  • Feature immersive, isometric 3D-like environments
  • Enable learners to 'Explore-Organize-Apply' facts
  • Have in-built mechanisms for assessment
  • Are not time-bound
  • Have short-duration episodes
  • Require no pre-requisite knowledge

Example: We created a game-based online induction program for a global logistics company. The two-hour long game addressed 17 learning objectives and covered over 180 facts about the organization. It saved the client GBP 300,000 in the first year as a result of reduction in induction time (from 3 days to half a day) and opportunity cost savings.

skills knowledge behavior
Games for Change

Behaviour-based Serious Games , also termed as Games for Change are aimed at communicating conceptual messages that challenge people to think, reflect, and change their perspectives.

Behavior-based serious games:
  • Are behavioural change enablers
  • Translate complex concepts into simple application
  • Are ideal for topics where learners cannot be forced to learn
  • Cover pre-requisite knowledge of concepts

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Tata Interactive Systems has developed the proprietary P3 model for developing serious games
  • Our serious games have resulted in demonstrable improvement in on-the-job performance and cost savings for our clients
  • We have translated our understanding of the unique learning challenges faced by various industry verticals into award-winning solutions and products
  • As the world's largest developer of custom e-learning, we have capabilities in related disciplines such as 3D animation, simulations, and virtual world platforms