Learning Management Systems and Assessment Engine

Is your Learning Management System informal learning friendly?

Learning management systems developed by Tata Interactive Systems host learning and development programs in thriving social systems. Establishments ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to leading educational institutions work with us to drive collaborative and active learning.

New generation learning management systems (LMS) are getting sleeker and more streamlined to enable collaboration, openness, active and informal learning.

TIS' customizable, user friendly and agile LMS and online /offline assessment engine offerings reflect this spirit. The use of knowledge sharing tools, wikis, blogs, discussions, and closed groups supports and manages social learning.

Our LMS and Assessment Engine products are an aggregation of capabilities that fulfil very specific needs.

If you do not have an LMS or if you feel that the cost of shifting to new platform is prohibitive, do give us a call.

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Learning Planet

Learning Planet (LP) is Tata Interactive Systems' proprietary learning management system. LP is best-suited for corporations with an in-house training focus on employees and partners.

A best-in-class LMS, LP enables knowledge sharing, collaboration, and social networking.

LP's key differentiator is its modular structure, which integrates three modules:

  • Learning Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Management


The advantage of a modular structure is that LP is customizable-for instance, if your company already has a knowledge management system, LP can be customized to not include the Document Management module. LP can also be integrated with human resource management systems with a single sign-on customization for enterprise-wide systems.

Participant Tracking System

The Participant Tracking System (PTS)is a robust and compact package incorporating the basic features of an LMS-think of it as a scaled-down version of Learning Planet without the social learning tools.

If your company is in the early stages of e-learning adoption, you are most likely to deploy one-off engagements instead of sustained, yearlong learning and competency development programs. PTS is perfect for such needs.

Marketing and e-Commerce Portal

If your core business is training and certification, the Marketing and e-Commerce Portal is for you.
It allows you to:

  • Create sub-sites for corporate accounts; sub-sites can have their own branding
  • Transact with B2B and B2C customers
  • Incorporate catalogs and e-commerce tools including a shopping cart
  • Develop franchisee relationships

The Marketing and e-Commerce Portal also functions as an LMS with basic collaboration features.

Assessment Engine

The Online/Offline assessment Engine is a highly evolved quiz tool built for certification, without any learning content, and is ideal for educational institutions and large varsities. The Assessment Engine has a mobile interface.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • The key advantage is that TIS' LMS products are customizable according to client specifications; cost of customizations that are part of the product roadmap are borne by TIS
  • Clients are assured of personalized support
  • TIS' LMS products are price-friendly. There is no heavy licensing fee or bloated LMS involved
  • As the world's largest provider of end-to-end e-learning solutions, TIS has capability at multiple levels-content, consultancy, and tools
  • TIS' LMS and online/offline assessment engine products are off-the-shelf thereby reducing the time-to-market