Web Learning Portals

Your Organization is a Hybrid of Formal and Informal Networks-How About Your Portal?

Web learning portals developed by Tata Interactive Systems enable organizations to go beyond managing their traditional learning needs. From sales, marketing and communication, to supporting and fostering informal learning, to motivating users, to performing analysis for informed business decisions - TIS web learning portals can enable them all. Leading universities, corporations, and publishers have leveraged the power of our Web learning portals to meet their business objectives.

The evolution of learning portals represents the growing scope of e-learning tools. From merely providing administrative and reporting functionalities, the learning portal now enables personalization, collaboration, content aggregation, and integration with other enterprise-wide platforms.

Tata Interactive Systems has broadened its Web learning portals offering to meet different business requirements through focused solutions in the form of information portals, intranet portals, onboarding portals, and eCommerce portals developed using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

Our Web learning portals, like our growing portfolio of software application tools, keep pace with changing technology and business needs.

The motivation and engagement levels of levels of learners rise when their learning experience is enriched by a traditional as well as informal learning environment. If you need a platform that offers your learners a holistic view of learning, do give us a call.

Learn more about the key business objectives that each type of Web portal addresses, along with their key features.

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Benefits of Working with Us

  • We develop highly scalable, robust, and standardized portal platforms in J2EE and .NET using proprietary frameworks
  • We have extensive experience in portal platform development using both open source and commercial platforms
  • We have a multidisciplinary team including Usability Analysts who have defined standards for Web and graphical user interfaces
  • You are assured of personalized support
  • Tata Interactive Systems has the capability to serve you at multiple levels- consultancy, product envisioning, technical architecture/design/development, content and tools
  • TIS' Web portals are built using off-the-shelf frameworks, leading to shorter development timeframes