Learning Portals


Web learning portals developed by Tata Interactive Systems enable organizations to go beyond managing their traditional learning needs. From sales, marketing and communication, to supporting and fostering informal learning, to motivating users, to performing analysis for informed business decisions - TIS web learning portals can enable them all. Leading universities, corporations, and publishers have leveraged the power of our Web learning portals to meet their business objectives.

Tata Interactive Systems has broadened its Web learning portals offering to meet different business requirements through focused solutions in the form of information portals, intranet portals, onboarding portals, and eCommerce portals developed using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Our Web learning portals, like our growing portfolio of software application tools, keep pace with changing technology and business needs.

The last decade has been a stage of continuous development for portals. Developed by Alcatel Lucent and Tata Interactive Systems, My Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is an exciting, integrated learning platform. My PLE is an ecosystem in which learners can explore the world of formal, informal and social learning. It has its roots in the philosophy that learning doesn't have to be restricted to one-off interventions, formal trainings or even the network of a single organisation.

Our center for excellence in Portals develops scalable and standardized platforms in J2EE and .NET as well as Sharepoint frameworks. Our experience spans across opensource and commercially available off-the-shelf platforms that enable agile development. Working with us provides a combined unique experience of having experts that are not just trained in information architecture but also usability and design.