LEARNow™ - Achieve True Mobility in Learning

A Cross-Platform, Cross-Device Mobile-Learning Solution

Tata Interactive Systems presents LEARNow™, a mobile learning solution to support and enhance the performance of your mobile workforce. Now, you can author and deliver seamless learning content that transcends mobile devices and operating systems, at one go.

Mobile devices have the potential to be powerful learning vehicles and real-time decision-making support devices.

LEARNow™ exploits this potential to deliver effective learning to a mobile workforce by :

  • Integrating FRUN - Fluid Resolution and Universal Navigation
  • Automatically resizing display and intuitive navigation on any device
  • Requiring you to author just once, irrespective of the delivery platform
  • Syncing learning progress and scores with your existing LMS
  • Providing offline access on your device through the LEARNow™ app, allowing syncing of progress and results with your LMS
  • Providing in-process, on-demand performance support for sales, marketing and other processes

Three components of the LEARNow™ Ecosystem:

LEARNow™ Author

A rapid authoring tool, it helps in faster creation of story boards. The tool integrates with MS Word 2010 and has several templates which will cater to most L1, L2 type of e-learning modules and conversation simulations and assessments. It also combines a storyboarding tool with a powerful publishing tool.

LEARNow™ Deploy

The deployment tool publishes the content in HTML5 format. The content published from LEARNow™ recognizes the device on which it is displayed and adapts the display in the appropriate format depending on the display mode and space available on the screen.

LEARNow™ Custom Development Services

The content published has universal navigation as the navigation bar is identical on all devices like PC, smart phones or tablets.TIS is an expert in delivering custom content within limited timeframes. In addition to creating FRUN-based learning content that adapts to your device, our performance support capabilities like TAP (Totally Advanced Performance) are specifically designed to engage users through on-the-job support and training. Breaking the monotony of traditional eLearning, we deliver true-to-life simulations, engaging games, and interactive assessments that encourage user participation.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Higher productivity
  • Improved compliance ratios
  • Acceleration in time-to-competence
  • Reduction in errors
  • Rapid deployment of learning custom content
  • Maximizes face-time of employees with learning assets
  • Improved course adoption and completion rates
  • Adoption costs as low as US$ 1 per person, per month