Manufacturing, Energy, and Construction

Businesses in the manufacturing, energy, and construction sectors are countering challenges on multiple fronts including sluggish demand, rising input cost, and mounting inventories. Tata Interactive Systems, with its global footprint and experience across areas such as automobiles, construction, equipment manufacturing, energy and utilities, and mining and petrochemicals is uniquely positioned to provide innovative learning solutions that effectively address your challenges and corporate initiatives.

Our Manufacturing, Energy, and Construction vertical has developed several learning solutions that enable you to

  • Enhance the existing knowledge base and improve propensity to learn.
  • Provide consultation in building a strategy aligned to L&D function.
  • Provide the best of breed content from partner SME’s.

Some of Our Customers
  • Dow-Chemicals
  • Ingersoll-Rand Company
  • Masdar
  • Philips
  • Sabic

The Manufacturing, Energy, and Construction vertical has positioned its learning solutions as:

  • Industry based specific domain led learning such as procurement & contracting, DSO management, Inventory strategy, improved NPS, cSAT impact by good customer services and sales process adherence
  • Industry based transformation eLearning solutions for Energy & Construction such as simulating process optimization, process management and engineering case studies
  • Industry based generic learning solutions that impact the license to operate in areas such as safety, sustainability, diversity, compliance and soft skills.