All-pervasive connectivity and Mobile Learning have brought just-in-time, micro-learning to the forefront. Learners on the move prefer 'learning nuggets' or shorter duration bursts instead of longer courses. Animation makes perfect sense for learning nuggets thanks to higher impact and lesser development cost.

Nuggets are short capsules of information aimed to enhance managerial acumen and build soft skills to deliver behavioral change. Some key features of Learning Nuggets are:

  • Brief 100-second capsules avoid information overload.
  • Engaging, interactive, multimedia-enabled animations and videos.
  • Upload to your intranet, extranet, the internet or mobile network.
  • Learning in just the right size and just the right time.

Learning Nuggets are the answer to information overload. Nuggets distil information and target specific information to utilize the learners time efficiently. They are suited to learners who have little time available for training. As well as those who need a quick update or refresher without having to sift through reams of information.

Tata Interactive Systems' Animation center-of-excellence ensures your learners have a highly engaging and immersive experience through every solution we provide. Our skilled animators bring to life learning concepts, selecting from the latest 3D and 2D techniques, virtual 3D environments, whiteboard animation, papermation, cell animation and motion graphics to effectively communicate ideas.


How do you ensure that your training programs get a happily-ever-after ending? Consider Story-based Learning (StoBLs), an innovative micro learning tool that is as old as it is new.

Tata Interactive Systems developed the StoBLs methodology using stories as the instructional approach to deliver learning effectively. Story-based Learning delivered through the computer leverages a variety of media elements and combines them into a potent instructional form. The added element of interactivity helps the learner make decisions that control the movement of the story, as it were.

StoBLs are effective teaching tools because everyone - including adults - love the immersive aspect of stories. StoBLs work best when you teach principles and concepts that include:

  • Abstract concepts (for example, soft skills such as leadership)
  • Colorless or uninspiring principles (such as compliance-related regulations and codes of conduct)
  • Concepts that are difficult to appreciate (such as finance for non-financial managers)

StoBLs work better than other methodologies, because they are 'CRUNCHED' - Contextual, Realistic, Unusual, Natural, Concrete, Human, Easily accepted and Discovery-oriented.