Our partners complement our strengths and capabilities and enable us to streamline our offerings which in turn benefit our clients. We have built a global network of strategic and solution partnerships to achieve our objectives.

Business Value for Our Clients

  • Cost and time efficiencies due to lesser time and cost to technology acquisition
  • Innovative resourcing strategies depending on the type of collaboration scenarios
  • End-to-end solutions result in reduced risks
  • Total solutions without any external technological dependencies
  • Greater choice and flexibility in terms of product configurations
  • Combined resources from both partners resulting in greater efficiencies
  • Better solutions resulting from leveraging internal methodologies and best practices from both partners

Strategic Partnerships
Our strategic partners enable us to leverage their strengths and capabilities to serve our clients.

  • Center of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT)
  • Solutions Training & Advisory (STA)
  • PHM Group Ltd
  • Words and Numbers
  • Intuitive Media

Solution Partnerships
Our solution partners enable us to stay up-to-date with current technologies and trends.

  • Radicon-Gulf Consult (RGC)
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft