Quizbiz - Corporate Social Game


We believe that the work space is on the cusp of a disruptive innovation with social, mobile, gamification and analytics of big data fast converging.

Stemming out of the research we now have a unique cloud based social game with a powerful analytics engine at the back end. Organizations can use this gaming app to gain interest, provide learning, create buzz, and generate word-of-mouth around a certain theme or subject area that demands attention.

QuizBiz is a corporate social game where employees challenge each other to participate, pretty much like popular trivia games. After downloading the app from a public appstore on their smartphone or tablet, players can challenge their colleagues on their knowledge of different corporate and business topics.

The game can be played in different categories for instance "Sales, Marketing, IT, Organization" or any available business category defined by you.

The simple to use Engine allows organizations to manage users, set up and manage quizzes and generate analytics that provide insights into which areas to prioritize for training.

The game is designed as a secure, cloud-based service and is available in multiple languages.

QuizBiz offers the following key benefits:

  • Increase individual & organizational knowledge and skills
  • Find knowledge gaps to align L&D initiatives
  • Improve communication through social interaction

The best way to experience QuizBiz is to play download the app from a public app store to your smartphone or tablet and drop us a mail or call.

Apple Appstore: https://appsto.re/ch/oHk05.i

Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tis.quizbiz