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    • Overview
      We are the world's largest developer of e-learning solutions, offering the complete spectrum of services and solutions related to training and competency development.

    • Explore our Offerings
      You can use this exploratory tool to identify solutions for your learning needs and learn about TIS' expertise in developing innovative and effective learning solutions in each area.

    • Learning Consulting
      Tata Interactive Systems' learning consultants can diagnose learning needs and deliver on the same with clinical precision. We can analyze the pulse of how well the learning and development function works, recommend holistic corrective measures, and follow up with remedial interventions.

    • Enterprise Learning Solutions Courseware
      Enterprises are learning systems with possibilities for generating, acquiring, and processing knowledge and skills in formal and informal ways. The flow of people, material, and information within an enterprise necessitates learning to be a continuous practice enabled at multiple levels and points. As the world's leading full-service provider of custom e-learning solutions, we are well positioned to be your strategic training partner.

      • Learning Nuggets
        The "100 Seconds Learner" is a concept that bridges the gap between formal and informal learning. Learning is broadcast to learners in small packets and at frequent intervals. Learning Nuggets are perfect for mobile delivery formats such as tablets and smartphones.

      • Onboarding/Induction
        TIS offers you a 360° approach to employee orientation, with the ability to easily update your onboarding programs, making your new hire orientation future-proof. We have successfully completed orientation programs for leading global organizations across a wide range of industry verticals.

      • Process Training
        A business is defined by its processes, related to people, material, and information flows. Employees need training on processes - of their own roles in these processes as well as overarching process knowledge - to be effective contributors.

      • Product Training
        Customer-facing personnel, especially in sales, customer service, and product service, need to know their products inside-out. They need to upgrade their knowledge in step with upgrades in products.

      • Professional Training
        Domain knowledge of your industry comes at a premium-experienced professionals are often too few and too busy to offer meaningful face-time. We can ease the pressure on faculty time by offering domain knowledge through powerful professional training interventions that blend courseware, assessments, or reference material.

      • Regulatory and Compliance Training
        Most regulatory compliance training programs are consumed like the proverbial bitter pill - blame it on the inherent nature of regulation. We, however, offer a different approach by creating motivational and engaging course content.

      • Sales Training
        Each phase of a sales process - starting from cold calling to closing the sale - involves a specific set of skills. The sales training programs created by TIS address the specialized skills required at each stage.

      • Soft Skills Training
        Your employees will benefit from training on 'soft skills' or the subtle art of managing themselves and others better. We teach soft skills using a potent combination of examples, scenarios, games, and assessments. Employees at all organizational levels benefit from soft skills training.

      • Software Application Training
        Customized Range of Enterprise Application Training or CREAT is our model for software application training. CREAT offers a range of IT training solutions to bring employees up to speed on system applications while being flexible to the diverse needs of organizations.

    • Simulations
      Tata Interactive Systems has implemented over 350 simulations for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to reputed varsities, in geographies including North America, Europe, and Asia.

    • LMS and Assessment Engine
      Learning management systems developed by Tata Interactive Systems host learning and development programs in thriving social systems. Establishments ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to leading educational institutions work with us to drive collaborative and active learning.

    • Web Portals
      Web portals developed by Tata Interactive Systems enable organizations to go beyond managing their traditional learning needs. From sales, marketing and communication, to supporting and fostering informal learning, to motivating users, to performing analysis for informed business decisions - TIS web portals can enable them all.

    • Mobile Learning
      You use a phone and a tablet under different circumstances. This small but vital distinction and design consideration can make all the difference to the effectiveness of delivering mobile based solutions. If you are looking for innovative mobile learning and support solutions, you know what device to use to contact us.

    • Serious Games
      Learning through games is fun, cost-effective, and low-risk. Tata Interactive Systems' Serious Games practice creates captivating and educative games for adult learners in corporate settings that elevate the level of learner engagement and learning retention.

    • Animation
      The entertainment and education worlds are converging - after all, the same audiences that crave slick animation/3D movies also take e-learning courses. Tata Interactive Systems' Animation practice guarantees your learners an edge-of-the-seat experience.

  • What We Serve
    • Overview
      As the world's largest developer of custom e-learning solutions, we have deep knowledge and experience of the learning and development challenges in each industry that we serve. This vertical knowledge has helped us shape innovative learning solutions that address industry-specific challenges effectively, a fact borne out by our track record of working extensively with Fortune 500 companies and leading educational institutions since 1991.

    • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
      Tata Interactive Systems offers innovative learning solutions that help companies in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) domain cope with challenges emerging from operational, technology, customer relationship, and business risks.

    • Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail
      Just as conscientious consumers compensate for overall wealth erosion by increasing savings and seeking out value purchases, you need to optimize your training expenses using a combination of effective learning solutions and the right training plan - just what Tata Interactive Systems specializes in.

    • Healthcare & Life Sciences
      The global Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals industry is confronted by the need to transform culture, processes, and leadership models to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. Tata Interactive Systems' learning products and solutions offer improved performance, cost containment, and higher returns in achieving your business goals with clinical precision.

    • Manufacturing, Energy & Construction
      Businesses in the manufacturing, energy, and construction sectors are countering challenges on multiple fronts including sluggish demand, rising input cost, and mounting inventories. Tata Interactive Systems, with its global footprint and experience across areas such as automobiles, construction, equipment manufacturing, energy and utilities, and mining and petrochemicals is uniquely positioned to provide innovative learning solutions that effectively address your challenges and corporate initiatives.

    • Telecom-Media-Technology
      The convergence of telecom, media, and technology (TMT) companies is changing the communication landscape. Tata Interactive Systems has been developing innovative learning solutions that help them leverage opportunities and address challenges emerging from this transition.

    • Education
      University and school education is undergoing a seismic shift brought on by technology. Educators need to quickly and effectively transform content and delivery to meet the changing needs of today's students. With an ideal blend of instructional design capability and technological expertise, Tata Interactive Systems is your ideal educational partner.

      • SPARKMath™ Numeracy Suite
        The SPARKMath™ Numeracy Suite includes ten tools that allow teachers to explain mathematical concepts visually and equip students to learn by self-exploration. These interactive learning tools visually demonstrate concepts, allow learners to work out exercises and experiments, and see immediate results.

      • Virtual Labs
        Tata Interactive Systems offers a solution with Interactive Virtual Science Labs for Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences that are mapped to key objectives, state standards, and chapters of textbooks, give students the freedom to experiment and explore scientific concepts in a real-life scenario and encourage retention of science concepts in a hands-on application.

    • Government & Defence
      Tata Interactive Systems has been providing innovative learning solutions that address the needs of organizations in the global government and defense sectors. Apart from engaging with governments at federal, state, and local levels, we work with international non-governmental organizations like the United System Organizations in human capital development.

    • Hospitality, Airlines, Logistics & Transportation
      The Hospitality, Airlines, Logistics, and Transportation sectors are leveraging technology to transform themselves and weather challenges. Tata Interactive Systems, a global pioneer in e-learning, has developed a full deck of best-in-class training solutions that will help the Hospitality, Airlines, Logistics, and Transportation sectors go the distance.

    • Testimonials
      Take a look at what our clients around the world have to say about us.

    • Partners
      Our partners complement our strengths and capabilities and enable us to streamline our offerings which in turn benefit our clients. We have built a global network of strategic and solution partnerships to achieve our objectives.

  • How We Work
    • Overview
      Processes drive all TIS projects, binding technology, human resources, and products in every project in the framework of a well-defined project life cycle.

    • Quality
      The multi-faceted quality initiatives at Tata Interactive Systems extend beyond project schedules and defect density, spanning every aspect of business excellence from customer relationships and product innovation to environmental concern and social responsibility.

    • Reverse Shoring
      Despite a wide-ranging portfolio and over 350 clients in our fold, we believe that each client is unique and truly special. And the people who provide our clients with an office-away-from-office are our project managers and key account managers.

    • Data Confidentiality, Information Security, and Disaster Management
      As a certified BS7799 organization, Tata Interactive Systems ensures the security of all information, whether printed or written on paper, stored electronically, transmitted by mail or by electronic means, shown in films, or spoken in conversation.

    • Project Life Cycle
      All projects at TIS follow a well-defined lifecycle. Each stage in the cycle is anchored by a set of transparent and robust processes.

  • About us
    • Overview
      Tata Interactive Systems is the world's leading provider of learning solutions and products. Founded in 1991, TIS has built an enviable track record of designing solutions that enable organizational initiatives of a wide array of clients, ranging from leading educational institutions to Fortune 500 corporations.

    • Awards
      Not only have our projects won the appreciation of clients, they have brought international recognition by wa y of prestigious awards nd nominations - including Brandon Hall, Training Magazine's APX, BETT, BIMA, Codie, WOLCE, and others - over the years.

    • Thought Leadership
      As the world's leading developer of custom e-learning solutions, Tata Interactive has been actively bringing together global learning practitioners to further the cause of e-learning. Our original ideas on e-learning, in the form of whitepapers and articles, have been featured in leading publications on learning and development.

  • Careers
    Tata Interactive Systems attracts and retains the best talent in the e-learning industry. View the current openings with Tata Interactive Systems. If you are keen on pursuing a suitable opportunity, submit your resume.

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