Story-based Learning


How do you ensure that your training programmes get a happily-ever-after ending? Consider Story-based Learning (StoBLs), an innovative training tool that is as old as it is new.

Tata Interactive Systems developed the StoBLs methodology using stories as the instructional approach to deliver learning effectively. Story-based Learning delivered through the computer leverages a variety of media elements and combines them into a potent instructional form. The added element of interactivity helps the learner make decisions that control the movement of the story, as it were.

StoBLs are effective teaching tools because everyone - including adults - love the immersive aspect of stories. Stories facilitate the appreciation of inaccessible concepts by lowering adult resistance to new ideas. As a result, StoBLs make the tedious topics memorable, concretise abstract notions and simplify complex ideas by using story elements in an instructionally structured manner. StoBLs work best when you teach principles and concepts that include:

  • Abstract concepts (for example, soft skills such as leadership)
  • Colourless or uninspiring principles (such as compliance-related regulations and codes of conduct)
  • Concepts that are difficult to appreciate (such as finance for non-financial managers)

StoBLs work better than other methodologies, because they are 'CRUNCHED' - Contextual, Realistic, Unusual, Natural, Concrete, Human, Easily accepted and Discovery-oriented.