Training solutions that mirror the dynamism of the Telecom-Media-Technology sectors

The convergence of telecom, media, and technology (TMT) companies is changing the communication landscape. Tata Interactive Systems has been developing innovative learning solutions that help them leverage opportunities and address challenges emerging from this transition.

Our solutions have resulted in outcomes that improve their ability to cope with shortening speed-to-market cycles and churn in their sales force.

Some of Our Customers
  • British Telecom (BT)
  • Comcast
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • MTS
  • Orange
  • Swisscomm
  • Tata Communications Limited
  • Tata Sky
  • Tata Teleservices
  • Telus
  • Vodafone
  • Vodafone India



Tata Interactive Systems has developed products and frameworks that will help TMT respond effectively to training challenges.

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Even as cloud computing and SaaS continue to transform the technology landscape, other trends such as augmented reality are gaining currency. The Desktop PC may not be dead yet but tablets and ultrabooks are the new big sellers. Consequently, the chip wars are intensifying on a micro-scale as the battleground shifts to the CPUs of tablets and handsets.

Emerging trends in the telecommunications industry include cost optimization due to margin pressures and increasing competition, improvements in customer service levels, increase in the usage of smart devices and the mushrooming of mobile app ecosystems.

In the media space, consumers will expand their use of platforms and formats for consuming content-social media will continue to emerge as their primary content source and medium of in-depth community interaction. Television is making a comeback through Smart TV and the second screen-tablets and smartphones-will be integrated into the screen experience. This will influence everything from the sharing of life stories to shopping.



We have developed call center learning solutions for telecom vertical. This hyperlink should go to the above mentioned link.

  • TIS TotalSUITE
  • TIS TotalCuES


The TIS TotalSUITE benefits the entire sales organization of a telecom enterprise, regardless of the scale of operation. The intended target audience includes:

  • The Frontline Sales team
    • Retail Sales Staff
    • Channel Sales/Feet on Street Teams
    • Totalsales Representatives
  • The Sales Operations and Strategy Team
    • Team Leaders
    • Territory/Area Sales Managers
    • Corporate/Geography Sales Managers


The TIS TotalCuES Edge benefits the entire customer service organization of a telecom enterprise. The intended target audience includes:

  • The Customer service team
    • Call Center Representatives
    • Technical Service Representatives
  • The Customer Service Operations & Strategy Team
    • Team Leaders
    • Territory / Area / Product Customer Service Managers

Other Offerings

In addition, there are solutions derived from deep capabilities of TIS that are offered to TMT clients:

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