TOPSIM� - TIS' multiplayer workshop-based simulations product


TOPSIM® is TIS' multiplayer workshop-based simulations product that models complex socio-economic/behavioral systems ranging in size from a startup company to a large corporation or even the macroeconomics of a country.

TOPSIM® Simulations allows one to learn by making decisions—and mistakes—in a completely risk–free environment. We have successfully trained corporations, universities and educational institutes using TOPSIM®. These solutions consist of comprehensive models that simulate operating environments, for instance, overall management of a company, of a start–up or business functions within a company. It could also simulate global markets as well as the macro economics of a country, among others. 
We have been offering Simulation Solutions for all learning needs for over 30 years now. 
TOPSIM® Simulations are deployed in many companies across the US, Europe and Asia. In addition, they are used by more than 300 universities in Germany, besides several universities across the globe (including 70 per cent of the 30 DAX-listed companies). 

A TOPSIM® training simulations takes learners through the paces of business planning, strategizing, and decision-making thereby enabling their transformation into better leaders and managers.

The simulations are available in online (cloud-based) or face-to-face workshop-based delivery formats.

Our portfolio of nearly 38 off-the-shelf TOPSIMs are available on a licensing basis at www.topsim.tatainteractive.com. TIS also develops custom TOPSIMs to address specific business needs.

TIS has been awarded the status of accredited Learning Provider with Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). This accreditation stands for TIS's commitment to high quality and process improvement in the provision of learning, development and training services to clients.